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Importance of and types of the Suit in Indian Culture

Indian Women have a great sense of dressing when it comes to traditional wear and one of those traditional wear includes suits. It is also known as salwar kameez while some people may call it a churidar. In this traditional wear, there is a top which we call a Kameez, a bottom which is known as a salwar or churidar, and a good scarf called a dupatta. It is one of the most comfortable dresses in Indian traditional wear which women can wear on several occasions. People even try to do online suit shopping which is an interesting market.

Effect of Suits on Indian Culture

Suits are one of the important parts of Indian culture in which women look beautiful. It holds some of the greatest cultures and religious significance. Women can wear suits on several occasions like get together, weddings and different festivals. Some suits for women come in unique colors with beautiful embroidery. It is one of the greatest examples of Indian Heritage and Culture.

We can consider suits as modest outfits which cover the entire body precisely without affecting your movement and comfort. In India women usually wear suits with respect towards culture. Women of any age, shape, or size can wear suits without any problem with comfort and movement.

Types of Suits

Following are some different types of suits for women in the online market or physical market:

  1. Punjabi Suit

Punjabi women still wear good-looking suits and several suits in their life. It is one of the traditional or cultural outfits of the Punjab region in India. It just looks like a traditional suit with salwar, kameez, and dupatta. Generally, you may find the kameez is loose-fitting with different types of embroidery on it. Women can wear a salwar regularly as it is comfortable.

  1. Anarkali Suit

Anarkali suit is one of the Mughal era suits which used to be long in size as compared to normal suits. It also consists of the same things as the kameez, dupatta, and salwar. At the time of the Mughal, they used to have heavy embroidery on suits and the same thing we are following. Women can wear it on different occasions like casual events or weddings.

  1. Patiala Suit

Patiala Suit is another popular suit in the Punjab region of India. It has a short top which we call kameez and a loose-fitting salwar and a good-looking dupatta. People used to wear it comfortably and it even comes in several colors with some unique and beautiful designs.

  1. Palazzo Suit

A Palazzo suit is one of the traditional suits with some modern changes in it. The pants in this dress are loose-fitting which is called Palazzo. These pants are wide enough to make them comfortable and beautiful.

  1. Sharara Suit

The Sharara suit is another popular suit that originated in Lucknow. It has flared pants which we call Sharara and the rest all are the same.


We have seen several types of suits in the market and how it is enhancing Indian culture. Most women love to wear traditional dresses like sarees or suits. Indian culture is not just about clothing but it is more about it.

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