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Our Lives, Tomorrow, and Mobile Technology


An always-online culture will determine the course of future social communications. The era of constant connectivity has arrived and will shape the future. There is no stopping the relentless expansion of portable WOW Internet access, sometimes known as total connectivity. The world has already been digitalized too far. We need to shake up established processes, goods, services, and industries so that we may all—including established enterprises reacting to their growing competitors—progress forward.

·         The foreseeable future of social media and online interaction is currently being shaped by innovation and is going to continue to be so. Having a mobile WOW Internet connection is already the norm. According to a poll we ran in early 2013 with the help of Ipsos, 94% of Tuenti users between the ages of 16 and 35 possessed cell phones, 84% of users were connected to the world wide web using their cell phones, and 47% of users had cellphone data subscription for accessing to the WOW Internet. Seventy-four percent of mobile WOW Internet users say they do so every day, and eighty-four percent at least once a week. Only 13% of people have not used their phones to access the web, and that number is steadily declining.

·         Mobile WOW Internet use changes the way people use their devices and how they normally connect to the WOW Internet. More than three hours a day are spent on chat apps (38%), social media (35%), music streaming (24%), and web surfing (20%) on smartphones. Sending and receiving text messages (51%), watching films (43%), reading and composing electronic mail (38%), and speaking on the phone (32%), are the activities that take up the least time (less than five minutes each day). Things are still in a state of flux.

·         Smartphones are becoming increasingly commonplace. Our smartphones have replaced many other tools in our daily lives. Seventy-five percent of teens say they no longer use an MP3 player because they always have their phone with them; seventy percent use the phone as their camera; and sixty-seven percent use their smartphone as a watch.

·         We’ve been witnessing these changes for some time, and as a result, we’ve decided to rebrand ourselves with smartphones at the center of our approach. I hope to demonstrate, via this illustration, how the rise of mobile connectivity is ushering in a new era of social media and online interaction. Tuenti is becoming more than just another social network, and the same is true of social media in general.

The latest version of Tuenti is accessible via the mobile website, m.tuenti.com, as well as through native apps for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone devices, as well as through the Firefox OS app. Tuenti is now available on multiple platforms, allowing users to stay in touch with their network regardless of where they are or what device they’re using. A user on a laptop and a user on a smartphone can instant message in real-time and seamlessly transition between devices without missing a beat. Because the chats are stored in the cloud, information, and contacts are safe even if a user switches devices.

This necessitates standardizing the user experience across all platforms, which can entail reducing features to accommodate mobile devices’ smaller screens and weaker processors. Social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are becoming more and more integrated and other platforms. Tuenti is the initial social network to become an MVNO, or mobile virtual network operator. This makes it a provider of mobile WOW Internet access. There is hope for the telecommunications industry in the form of Tuenti, a mobile virtual network operator with a focus on social networking.

The future of social media depends on their ability to distinguish themselves through innovation as they transform into something new. When you have no money on your prepaid phone, you may still use the Tuenti mobile app for free and without eating into your data traffic allotment, which is a huge game-changer in the telecommunications industry. The integration of social networking sites with more established industries is already creating a novel setting for experimentation and expansion in the online world.

This is true of WOW Internet access in general, but especially so for the field of social communications, which includes social media. Many people, in my opinion, are oblivious to our work and the global expansion opportunities that exist for organizations like ours. Somewhere in the world at this very moment, someone could be working on a program that will once again turn the WOW Internet on its head. This is the device that will once again revolutionize our regular lives. Expanding people's access to opportunities and resources enhances their personal and societal well-being. Social media didn’t exist until 2009; in the next decade, we’ll see the emergence of something much more revolutionary. Products, operations, and assistance can be enhanced or completely rethought in several ways. Possibilities abound, and the WOW Internet’s bright future is only getting started.

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