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Choosing the Best 3d Elevation Design: Expert Tips


Construction is a complex world. in that world turning dreams into reality needs proper planning. Because without planning, there are high chances of things going in vain. 3d elevation design is the blueprint of an architect or an engineer. These designs are critical documents and the backbone of any building project. With the advancement of technology, 3d designs are now becoming the need of the hour. Even though it has numerous benefits, people are still confused about choosing the right design.


Before we talk about the tips to choose the best design, let’s look at the different types of designs that architects offer us. There are 4 types of elevations


a)Front elevation: The front elevation of the house is that part of the house that faces the road. Such designs will factor in the direction of the house. 

b)Side elevation: As the name suggests, side elevation shows the side view or plan of any building. No matter the direction of the house, side elevation is important as it helps to visualize how the different sides of the building turn out to be.

c) Rear elevation: This visualizes the rear or the back view of the house. This part stands exactly opposite in direction to the front elevation. 

d) Split elevation: imagine a line splitting your home into two. That’s what split elevation does. It gives a view of the home’s interior by splitting it into two. In such designs, factors like the thickness of the floor, walls of the building, etc,

Different houses need different designs. When modern front elevation designs are used for small houses, traditional house elevations are the best for traditional Kerala-style homes. 


Let's now dive into a few tips for choosing the right design.


1. A trusted architect

Throughout the construction journey, one face that you’re going to see, probably daily is your architect’s. Looking for an experienced and well-experienced architect can change your designs entirely. Always look up the work history of the architect and previous clients they have worked with and understand how reputed they are. This also helps you to understand what charge it’ll cost you. 

2. Technological advancements

Technology and 3d go hand in hand. It must, in this case. While looking for the best designers in the field, you must give key attention to the ones who are updated and go along with technology. In the age of Virtual reality and augmented reality, this is an added advantage. 

3. Understand your need

Choosing the right design for your home is necessary. Out of the 4 options available, you can choose the design that suits and satisfies your needs. 3d designs mainly focus on the exterior of your homes. But some designs feature interiors. 

4. Set your budget

Even though 3d designs are known for their cost efficiency, you must set a budget not only for your 3d designs but also for the entire construction. Setting a budget helps you to only accommodate those factors of the design that you need. Choosing between a need and a want is important



Architectural design is a field that is constantly evolving. Choosing a team that is aware of the current and emerging trends in the field of design and architecture can benefit you with a lot of ideas. This saves your energy, time, and of course money. If you’re planning to build your dream home, choosing a 3d home elevation design will help you to be aware of the materials used, and textures and also help you to visualize your dream home even before the construction commences. 

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