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Creating a Virtual Farewell Card: A Step-by-Step Guide


Nowadays when people are using computers and iPhones regularly, instead of conventional gifts like flowers, cakes, etc., people send e-cards to their friends and loved ones to extend their best wishes. Therefore, when a friend or a family member decides to part ways through horizontal mobility or even a career change, a virtual farewell card could be as useful as other forms of farewell messages. In this tutorial, you will learn how to master the process of designing the farewell card along with how to plan it, design it, and even share the final result.

1. Introduction

A farewell card is not merely a piece of paper or an item that’s saved on the computer hard drive but it’s a means of expressing gratitude, a memory and a break. The major advantage of such type of farewell cards is that they can be filed and shared very easily plus they can also be recreated suitably for the present generation type. Here you will learn how to create an appealing and emotionally charged digital farewell message that will not leave the recipient indifferent.

2. Strategizing your farewell card Depending on the nature of occasion, it is viable to organize the farewell card either personally or virtually as follows;

2. 1 What You Need to Know About This Book

It is crucial to ask, what exactly does the created card aim to achieve or meet before jumping right into the process of its creation. Ask yourself:

Who is the recipient?

What is it; a celebration or a farewell? If it is a farewell, then for what occasion?

Considering the intended receiver, what messages or topics might be appreciated?

That way, it is easier for you to adjust your card to suit the one to be given to the recipient as well as making the farewell a memorable one.

2. 2 This task involves selecting a platform

Today one can find several services that allow creating virtual cards for which there are some peculiarities in terms of their function and convenience. Some popular options include:

Sendwishonline. com: Considered as one of the most useful also for the features allowing users to have an easy access to the templates.

Paperless Post: Provide modish and sophisticated styles or models.

GroupGreeting: Incredibly suitable for group contributions and joint work on carding, such as in case of game creation.

It’s good to decide whether you need a platform that you can customize depending on what you want.

The process of creating group cards on Sendwishonline.com is simple and user-friendly. One person initiates the card and shares the link with others, inviting them to add their own personal messages and images.

3. Creating the Template of the Virtual Farewell Card

3. 1 Choosing a Scheme for Your Website or Creating It from the Ground Up

Depending on the platform you ultimately settle with, determine whether to work with a template or come up with a template from scratch. The latter seems easier and gives a better output and a professional look while the former takes time but offers the template which is useful in designing.

Templates: Click through the templates which are available and choose the right one complimenting the tone or theme of your farewell card.

Starting from Scratch: For that special and unique feel, begin with no template, then create your card as distinct from the others as you are.

3. 2 Adding Personalized Messages

Greetings are always an important but fundamentally different aspect of the farewell card. It expresses what you wish to convey and adds personality to the card. Consider the following:

Tone: When addressing the recipients, always ensure that the tone of your message corresponds with the personality of the recipient and the event at hand. It could be formal, comical, emotive, serious or racially sensitive, or any combination of these.

Content: Remember moments that made you happy and used these as things to say in the message; tell the recipient that you are thankful for their past service and/or wish him/her a good luck for the next phase of his/her life.

Length: In your messages keep it simple but let there be sincerity and lots of emotion. Formulate your ideas in paragraphs that are not long since this may make it difficult for the reader to overcome the first impression.

3. Incorporation of Other Mediums 3 Images & Videos

Unfortunately, graphic contents such as images and videos may help to intensify the emotional message conveyed in the card. Here’s how to effectively incorporate them:Here’s how to effectively incorporate them:

Photos: Split your photos into meaningful ones, which are the pictures taken in the group, or those that you want to remember.

Videos: A series of brief clips of people, preferably co-workers or friends, wishing you farewell/ good bye can also be used.

Editing: I would like to make certain that the media content is of good quality and well-selected or trimmed to fit the card layout.

3. 4 Utilizing Creative Elements

Make your card visually appealing by using various creative elements:Make your card visually appealing by using various creative elements:

Fonts: Select fonts for the card appropriately to enhance the theme of the card and yet remain legible.

Colors: Choose colors which are relevant to the occasion, the recipient and also their favorite colors.

Graphics: Insert images, icons, and other decorations as the final touch in the product design.

Layout: Group objects in a much harmonized way so that they appeal to the eye.

Tips and Best Practices

Start Early: Make sure you allocate sufficient time that you will be creating the card in the event that you are compiling messages and media into the card.

Keep It Personal: The more personalized a card, the more it will be appreciated by the individual who is on the receiving end.

Be Mindful of Privacy: Before posting any information through media make sure that it does not violates privacy of all or some parties involved.

Backup Your Work: Regularly save drafts of workouts and backups along with a plan in case you fail to complete your workout session.

Have Fun: The focus here should be on the creativity and passion that is being put towards the art, as well as the kindest possible well-wishes.


Writing a Word document to a bouquet amounting to a virtual farewell card is one of the best ways of passing a message to a special someone to show how much they are appreciated. If you want to make sure that the card will be special and will be treasured by the recipient, you can try to use the tips stated in this article to guide you on how to make the perfect boy / girlfriend anniversary card. Regardless of whether you choose a beginner’s template for your design or if you create something from nothing, warm messages and personally addressed greetings, images, and stimulating add-ons are liked to be added to a farewell card. Well, then start planning today and design a virtual farewell card for yourself to get it right and reflect the essence of your good bye.


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